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Please select your size based on your pre-pregnancy size. If you are in between two sizes, best is to go for a size up as you can always tighten the belt as you go through your recovery!

  U.S U.K Belly Band (Waist) Pelvic Band (Hips)
S/M  2-8 8-12 27-34 inches / 70-86 cm 31-35 inches / 79-90 cm
L 10-12 14-16 35-37 inches / 89-96 cm 35-39 inches / 91-100 cm
XL 14-16 18-20 38-42 inches / 97-108 cm 39-43 inches / 100-110 cm
XXL 18-22 22-26 42-47 inches / 109-120 cm 43-46 inches / 110-118 cm

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our sizing!  


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