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Please select your size based on your pre-pregnancy size. If you are in between two sizes, best is to go for a size up as you can always tighten the belt as you go through your recovery!

  U.S U.K Belly Band (Waist) Pelvic Band (Hips)
S/M  2-8 8-12 41 inches / 104 cm 44 inches / 112 cm
L 10-12 14-16 43 inches / 109 cm 46 inches / 117 cm
XL 14-16 18-20 47 inches / 120 cm 51 inches / 130 cm
XXL 18-22 22-26 52 inches / 132 cm 55 inches / 140 cm

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our sizing!  


Leap Into Motherhood With Confidence. MammaBump™ Supports Moms Every Step Of The Way!

Healing After Your Pregnancy

Postpartum belly wrapping has been practiced for centuries, but for many moms the idea is still very new.

Such binders are often prescribed by doctors following pregnancy to support abdominal muscles especially after C-section.

They also aid with lower back pain and posture and finally they can help you getting your flat stomach back after pregnancy. 

Look And Feel Different in Only 2 Weeks

Post pregnancy your stomach has...well a little belly bulge! That little belly bulge is due to your abdominal muscles being stretched out.

Leaving these muscles stretched out have lasting effects!

It's easy to see the belly bulge disappear and help gain your confidence back! Especially from wearing MammaBump™ Belly Band for just couple hours per day for 2-4 weeks, you will definitely see your belly getting back to normal.


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Every woman is different. Many women report seeing results in the first 5 days and others within the first 2-3 weeks. Please keep in mind that other factors, including diet and breastfeeding, can affect your results.

Looking for some inspiration? Check out our customer reviews.

The Belly Band will be most effective when worn immediately after delivery, for 6-10 weeks, although some women prefer to wear it for a longer period of time. (In some cultures, where they have been binding for centuries, women may bind for up to a year!)

Wear your MammaBump™ Band day and night, removing it only to shower or when felling uncomfortable. The ideal fit should be snug, with constant pressure on the belly, but without any impact on breathing, circulation or discomfort in your ribs. If discomfort occurs, remove and consult your doctor.

Of course, diet and exercise play an integral part when trying to reach your pre-pregnancy size.

No! It will still be effective. Our Belly Band works like a waist trainer so you can use it at any stage postpartum. The differences with a regular girdle are as follows: our Belly Band is softer (so more suitable post c-section), not stiff, and also features a pelvic band for pelvic floor recovery!

You can start wearing it immediately after you deliver, but please check with your healthcare provider prior to use, especially if you’ve had a C-section. Wearing it soon after delivery allows the product to work while your body still has elevated levels of the relaxin hormone.

Short answer: Yes.

Long answer: For centuries, women have wrapped their postpartum bellies for a number of reasons, including strengthening the core muscles weakened during pregnancy, and bringing abdominal muscles back to their pre-pregnancy positions. Fast forward to the age of clinical trials, and we now have scientific research showing that abdominal binders like the MammaBump™ Belly Wrap can both help decrease the inter-recti distance and strengthen abdominal muscle efficiency. When paired with proper exercise, results are even more significant.

Since there are different levels of diastasis recti, we recommend consulting your healthcare provider for an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.

Yes absolutely! We recommend to start wearing it after 7 days and only 2-4 hours. Once your incision is completely healed you can wear it as long as you want!  Wearing a Belly Band post c-section will actually help with scar support which is very helpful while breastfeeding and while carrying your little one. It will increase your mobility.

It is our mission to offer comfort during a time when a woman’s body is healing because new moms should be able to enjoy time with their babies and families. The last thing they should be experiencing is pain and discomfort during one of the happiest times in their lives.

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