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Feel The Heal After Your Pregnancy

Belly wrapping has been practiced for centuries and is often recommended by physiotherapists and physical therapists to heal and bring back support to the uterus, abdomen, pelvis, and back both during and after pregnancy.

If the idea is new to you, as it is to many new moms, here’s how it works:

Support bands are designed to apply a gentle but firm compression on the pelvic and abdominal area to hold the expanded uterus wall, loose skin, and muscles back in place.

Our Belly Band helps tighten and shrink your belly, waist, and hips post-pregnancy.

Post-pregnancy, aka "post-partum", your stomach has a little belly bulge from streching your abdominal muscles and surrounding tissue to support your growing baby!

Leaving these muscles stretched out can feel very uncomfortable and may cause back pain, make it difficult to move freely, and plays a role in a new mom's frequent need to pee!

You'll feel major physical improvement and will see that belly bulge desappear as you gain your pre-pregnancy shape back — all by wearing the MammaBump Belly Band for a couple of hours per day for two to four weeks!


Most moms can wear a belly band immediately after delivery! Wearing a Belly Band soon after delivery allows it to work while your body still has elevated levels of the relaxin hormone.

Yes absolutely! 

We recommend you to start wearing it after 48 hours, and only two to four hours at a time. Once your incision is completely healed, you can wear it as long as you want!  Wearing a belly band after a c-section helps with scar support, which is important for breastfeeding and while carrying your little one because it will increase your mobility.

Our MammaBump™ Belly Band is a registered postpartum medical product, designed to help you recover after pregnancy. Wearing a postpartum Belly Band help to:

-Shape your belly, waist, and hips

-Strengthen core muscles

-Promote mobility

-Relieve back pain

-Provide comfort after C-section

The MammaBump™ Post-Pregnancy Belly Band will be most effective when worn immediately after delivery, for 6-10 weeks, although some women prefer to wear it for a longer period of time and that is ok!

We recommend a minimum of 6 hours per day. You can wear it for a longer period of time, day and night!

The ideal fit is snug, with constant pressure on the belly, but without any impact on breathing, circulation, or discomfort in your ribs. If discomfort occurs, remove it and consult your doctor.

Many women report seeing results within the first 5 days and others within the first 2-3 weeks. Please keep in mind that every woman is different, and other factors, including diet and breastfeeding, can affect results.

Looking for real-talk feedback? Check out our customer reviews.

No! A belly band will still be effective, and you’ll instantly feel why once you put it on. Our belly band works like a waist trainer so you can use it at any stage postpartum. The differences with a regular girdle are as follows: our belly band is softer (more suitable after a c-section), is not stiff, and also features a pelvic band for pelvic floor recovery.

Short answer: Yes.

Long answer: For centuries, women have wrapped their postpartum bellies for a number of reasons, including strengthening the core muscles weakened during pregnancy, and bringing abdominal muscles back to their pre-pregnancy positions. Fast forward to the age of clinical trials, and we now have scientific research showing that abdominal binders like the MammaBump™ Belly Band can both help decrease the inter-recti distance and strengthen abdominal muscle efficiency. When paired with proper exercise, the results of wearing a belly band are even more significant.

Since there are different levels of diastasis recti, we recommend consulting your healthcare provider for an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.

We are committed to offering comfort when a woman's body is healing so they may more fully enjoy time with their babies and families.

The last thing a new mamma should experience are pain and discomfort during one of the most exciting and exhausting time of her life.

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