2-in-1 Maternity Comfy Bra Size Guide

Every woman is different, but as a general rule of thumb, you can expect to grow one cup size and one back size during the first 20 weeks of pregnancy. Once you've given birth and your milk comes in, expect to shrink one back size while maintaining your pregnancy cup size.

This variance is the reason we designed a maternity bra that grows with you. Our 2-in-1 maternity bra can be used both during and after your pregnancy, with front straps that snap apart for super easy breastfeeding access.

We recommend choosing one size above your regular size. For example, if you're usually a size 32C, try a 34C or 32D. With our sizing, 32C is a SMALL and both 34C and 32D are MEDIUM.

NOTE: Check out the size chart below to choose the perfect size!

Still don't know what size to order? 

That's what our perfect fit guarantee is for!

Order whichever size you think is best and if it doesn't fit properly, we'll send you a replacement 100% FREE.

NOTE: If your size is not on the sizing chart, please do not order as our bras will likely not fit.