Fun Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy

Fun Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy

From customized cakes to personalized poems, hear how other moms-to-be broke the exciting news.

Looking for some fun ways to break the baby news to your family? There are plenty of creative options out there. We put this one to our users—here’s what they came up with:

Proud Grandma

“I have an older sister who already has a son. At an extended family gathering my mom said, ‘Well, I’m going to be a grandma again!’ Everyone (aunts, uncles, cousins) turned to my sister and yelled out her name. She was shaking her head no and then they turned to me and said ‘You’re pregnant?’” — vagirl06

Let Your Clothes Do the Talking

“For my family: I made a onesie for my 7-month-old niece that said, ‘I’m getting a cousin!’ My husband’s family: On Easter, I wore a maternity tank that said, ‘I ♥ baby.’ Everyone was too nervous to ask me about it, so I said to his mom, "I see you looking at my shirt. Aren’t you going to say anything?’ And she got all excited and told me she thought maybe I was just wearing the shirt because I thought it was cute or something.” — jesnbrent

Family Dinner Announcement

“We waited until Easter, and had the whole family on both sides over for dinner. My husband asked for everyone to hold hands right before dinner, so he could say grace. He started with how many things that we are all thankful for, and ended the list with an addition to the family: that we were expecting. The family was so excited, it was a great dinner.” — Dunkin

A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words

“I told my parents after coming back from the OB at week nine. I had decided in my mind not to tell them for another three weeks, even though I had the sonogram in my pocket. My mother asked me, ‘So what’s going on with your testing? You decided not to do it, didn’t you?’ I smiled and threw out the sonogram picture. Shocked them too!” — Ingrid&Richard

Sharing Secrets One-on-One

“I wanted to tell family members individually, which was neat because everyone got to have their own moment. The best one was when I told my 15-year-old sister. I actually went and pulled her out of cheer practice and she was just ecstatic! It was a total shock for everyone, but it certainly made all of our family members happy.” — Sara0110

A Sweet Announcement

“We went to visit my in-laws for my husband’s birthday, which is just a few days apart from his brother’s birthday. I baked a cake and decorated it with King Cake babies. I wrote ‘Happy Birthday Uncle A and Daddy A’ on the cake. My husband asked my mother-in-law to cut and serve it. She commented on how cute the babies were and read the text. She was so confused, but after a minute she said, ‘Are you expecting?’” — Iguanita

Candid Camera

“With our friends, we did the group photo announcement. My husband gathered us all into a group and took pictures with several of my friends cameras, and finally his own. So it went, ‘Say cheese…’ with one camera, ‘Say cheese…’ with the next, and finally ‘Say xyz’s pregnant’ with his own camera. Everyone said it and then laughed… but then it set in, and we were able to capture everyone’s reaction forever!” — RunAway

Framed and Filmed

“We had an ultrasound at 6 weeks, 4 days. We had a photo of the sonogram, so we scanned it and printed out copies for each grandmother-to-be. We made excuses to give them gifts, then presented each of them with the sonogram in a baby frame. We also had my digital camera ready, which secretly films a movie, too — so we have it all captured for our journal!” — finallyPG


Pure Poetry

“For my parents, we told them the night before their anniversary with a poem I wrote for them from the baby. My dad got it after the second line and my mom read the whole thing then looked at me crying. — fairytalebride5

Put a Bib on It

“When I found out I was pregnant with my daughter, we had plans to go to dinner with my husband’s family (mother-in-law, father-in-law, brother-in-law and sister-in-law). My sister-in-law was 12 at the time and I found a bib that said ‘I love my aunt’ and put it in a gift bag. I sat next to her at dinner and slipped the bag to her. She opened it without my in-laws seeing and just kinda looked at it confused. She showed my mother-in-law who didn’t get it either. My father-in-law finally understood and starting crying. — RugbyBride

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