Why Is Your Baby Fighting Sleep?

If you are a parent who has a baby aged between 0-2 years age, then there is a fair chance your baby is sleep deprived. A knock on effect is that you yourself are likely also sleep deprived. Many parents believe this is just par for the course, and that their babies will grow out of the “poor sleeping patterns” however in some cases the opposite can be true! If you do not “teach/coach” your baby how to find sleep then they can fall into poor sleeping habits that can stick with them for years. The good news is that help is available, and the person or professional who is best placed to help you is called a baby sleep consultant.

Now you might be thinking what is a baby sleep consultant, and what do they do? Well check out this very helpful infographic that will hopefully clear all this up for you. The best advice I can give if you are open to using a baby sleep consultant is that you need to look after yourself so that you can look after your baby. By helping your baby find the gift of sleeping well, you are going to be giving yourself the same thing. Sleep deprivation can really take its toll and a parent also needs adequate sleep so they can provide the best care and love to their children now and into the future.

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